Peace Swami Sankarananda's Peace Tour 2023 - Retreats, Satsangs and Gatherings.

  Our Gathering at 2022's Vermont Be True Yogafest Hari Aum dear Brothers and Sisters!  If you want to get to the dates please scroll below🙏 now. You can come back to the introduction later.  It's nearly that time of year again, when I'm given the opportunity to travel around the USA and gather together with you in divine partnership. Change is constant, and this opportunity to visit with you is a divine gift. I'm so grateful for our gatherings, and this opportunity. The schedule for this year is still coming together, but most of the Be Still and Know Silent Retreat offering dates and venues are set. Here is the information that we have so far, I sure do hope that you are able to join in one or more of these gatherings - I would love to visit and participate with you. You are so dear to me! Please come. First a short update, then the schedule. As you probably know Swami and Divine Grace Yoga have relocated to West Virginia. When I'm asked why I answer, "God k