Peace Swami Sankarananda's Peace Tour 2023 - Retreats, Satsangs and Gatherings.


One of our Gatherings - in Vermont

Hari Aum dear Brothers and Sisters! 

We are now in the middle of summer and are beginning the Be Still and Know Silent Retreats. I've updated this blog to delete the past (a great practice!), below are the schedules from August. 

For more details and information on the Be Still and Know Silent Retreats just CLICK HERE, then HERE for a short video talk from this Swami.

    Aug 9 - Bloomington
    6PM dinner and Satsang - contact Swami for details.
Aug 11-13 - Naperville (near Chicago)                     
    Be Still and Know Weekend Retreat at HTGC
    With Special Guest Teachers Mirabai Moon and Swami Yatidharmananda

    Aug 14 - Saint Clair
    6PM Satsang - Please contact me for details.    
    With Special Guest Mirabai Moon
    Aug 18-25 - 
    Be Still and Know Week (Weekend) Retreat at Song of the Morning
    Wish Special Guests / Teachers Mirabai Moon, Gayatri, Hari Krishna Das
    Aug 27 - Whitmore Lake (near Ann Arbor)
    7PM Satsang at the Lighthouse Center 
    Aug 25 through Sep 5                                 
    Balance of Michigan Schedule TBD

    Sep 8-10 - Akron/Canton    
    Be Still and Know Weekend Silent Retreat at Yoga Central

    Sep 15-17 - Duncannon           
    Be Still and Know Weekend Silent Retreat at Amethyst Retreat Center
    Wish Special Guest Teacher Mirabai Moon

West Virginia
    Sep 18-27                    
    Visits and Karma Yoga

    Sep 28-Oct 1 - Chelsea                  
    Be Still and Know Weekend Silent Retreat at Triple Crane Retreat

West Virginia +
    October 4-20 - 
Charleston - Arizona + Colorado - Charleston           
Relocating Ashram murtis and library, visiting sangha in AZ and CO                                                          Schedule TBA   

    Nov 3-5 -
New Orleans         
    Be Still and Know Weekend Silent Retreat at Sama Studio

West Virginia 
    November 11 - December 31 - 
    TBD - Hosting guests for Satsang, please contact me if interested.

Our Yoga Shala in Charleston, WV